Every 29th of the month and February 9th is Day of the Meat! In Japan we celebrate these occasions via enjoying flavoursome meat dishes! Atariya Foods one of the few stores in London to celebrate this offer wide variety of meat promotions, introduce our most popular meat products including one of the top quality Wagyu beefs in London, Iberico Porks, Shabu Shabu Pork Slices to name a few.

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Day of the Meat / 肉の日 Where does this come from?

In Japan we love Japanese Wordplay. For example July(7/Nana/七) 10th(10/Tou/十) sounds like Nattou(Fermented beans) so in Japan we celebrate July 10th as day of the fermented beans! Day of the meat nests from one of the wordplay Day of the Meat 肉 (Ni(2) Ku(9)) but has proved to be one of the biggest sales event in Japan.

あたりや肉の日始めました! 3月より毎月29日は肉の日。あたりやでは毎月29日と2月9日に格安商品のご案内、新商品のご紹介などあたりや自慢の肉商品を全面に押し出したイベントを予定しております。キャンペーン対象商品には数に限りがございますので29日のご来店はお早めに!