• Hinamatsuri (Dolls Festival)
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    ロンドンのひな祭りはあたりやにて!/Hinamatsuri at Atariya in London

ロンドンのひな祭りはあたりやにて!/Hinamatsuri at Atariya in London


Sunday March 3rd is Dolls festival. At Atariya Foods Retail Stores we will be waiting for your visit with Sweetened Rice-flour cake for offering at Dolls festival, various Sashimi for Chirashi Sushi and many other sweets to celebrate! Prepare for Hinamatsuri in London at Atariya Foods!

肉の日始めます!Day of the Meat on Feb 9th!

あたりや肉の日始めます! 3月より毎月29日は肉の日。あたりやでは毎月29日と2月9日に格安商品のご案内、新商品のご紹介などあたりや自慢の肉商品を全面に押し出したイベントを予定しております。

Day of the Meat Sale on Feb 9th!

Setsubun あたりやの節分

Atariya Foods Retail

今週末2月3日は節分! アクトン店、フィンチリー店、キングストン店では節分に合わせお刺身、煎り大豆をお揃えしています。ご予約!お待ちしております!
February 3rd is the day before the beginning of spring in Japanese culture. We call it “節分Setsubun”. In our tradition the holiday involves throwing dried soy beans as a way of getting rid of bad luck and welcoming good luck for the new year.

Sushi Bar Atariya Ealing Common

寿司バーあたりやイーリング店ではお電話の恵方巻きご予約承っております。今年は本格的な寿司屋の恵方巻きをご堪能ください!0208 896 3175にて店舗での受け取りをご予約ください。

At Sushi Bar Atariya Ealing Common to celebrate Setsubun / 節分 (Japanese festival welcoming the beginning of spring) this February 3rd we take bookings for Ehomaki sushi rolls. Simply call us on 0208 896 3175 to book collection order at Ealing Common Branch.

Sushi Bar Atariya Swiss Cottage New Menu Renewal!

Sushi Bar Atariya will be launching a brand new A la Carte menu! As a big thank you to all the customers that visit us we will be giving 20% OFF all A la carte menu on Tuesday – Friday, 10% OFF on Saturday & Sunday. Simply pick up your copy of A5 flyer at the store to redeem on your next visit* Free soft drink on the house for everyone who brings the flyer with them(Terms and Conditions apply).
Enjoy the classic sushi dishes as well as the newly launched specials such as Aburi Wagyu Sushi, Salmon roll tempura to our chef specials Omakase Sushi Mori to name a few.

  • Merry Christmas from Atariya Foods
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    Atariya Shops and Restaurants Christmas & New Year Opening Hour

Atariya Shops and Restaurants Christmas & New Year Opening Hour

Seasons greetings from Atariya Group!
Please see the list of Christmas and New Year opening hours for our Atariya Foods Retail Store and Sushi Bar Atariya Group in this post here.

Atariya Biggest Sale 2018




Atariya Foods Summer Sale 2018


Atariya Summer Sale 2018 from Wednesday August 15th – Saturday September 15th! Sale items not in the advertisements available! We look forward to your visit!

Atariya Grilled Eel for the Midsummer day!

This coming Friday is a day of the Ox! Typically in Japan on this Midsummer Day we treat ourselves with the grilled delicacy — Grilled Eel.

Eel, is typically prepared with sweet soy sauce and grilled, this is enjoyed on set days following from an old custom which is that eating the dish on the midsummer Day of the Ox helps in coping with the heat. The Day of the Ox occurs several times a year, and during midsummer this year it falls on Friday with another occurrence on August 2nd.

Atariya at Hyper Japan 2018

Atariya will proudly be taking part in Hyper Japan for the first time at the Olympia in London. A unique event that brings many of the fantastic areas of Japanese culture, objects and services for English people to experience and engage in, all in one place. Brimming with popular Japanese food, anime, manga, games, Kawaii fashion, J-POP, modern / traditional products and culture.
This is a great opportunity to taste Atariya’s freshest, most authentic, highest quality sushi in a lively, festival atmosphere. One taste and you’ll know why all of our sushi products from all our takeaway shops and restaurants are so renowned for their excellence.

大分物産フェアー開催 3月8日~20日 Oita Local Food Fair from 08MAR-20MAR

期間中、大分名物、豊後牛、どんこ、甘太くん、有機緑茶、麦焼酎 銀座のすずめを全店にて御堪能いただけます。

Sushi Bar Atari-Yaでは大分物産フェアー特別メニューをご用意してお客様のご来店をお待ちしております。

詳細はレストランホームページにて www.sushibaratariya.co.uk