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今週末2月3日は節分! アクトン店、フィンチリー店、キングストン店では節分に合わせお刺身、煎り大豆をお揃えしています。ご予約!お待ちしております!
February 3rd is the day before the beginning of spring in Japanese culture. We call it “節分Setsubun”. In our tradition the holiday involves throwing dried soy beans as a way of getting rid of bad luck and welcoming good luck for the new year.

Sushi Bar Atariya Ealing Common

寿司バーあたりやイーリング店ではお電話の恵方巻きご予約承っております。今年は本格的な寿司屋の恵方巻きをご堪能ください!0208 896 3175にて店舗での受け取りをご予約ください。

At Sushi Bar Atariya Ealing Common to celebrate Setsubun / 節分 (Japanese festival welcoming the beginning of spring) this February 3rd we take bookings for Ehomaki sushi rolls. Simply call us on 0208 896 3175 to book collection order at Ealing Common Branch.

West Acton, Finchley and Kingston store will be preparing Dried soy beans and Sashimi to celebrate this! We look forward to your visit!