Atari-Ya: Our fresh fish and Japanese Food Shops

Our Japanese supermarkets have locations throughout London, where you can find Japanese products, foods and ingredients, snacks, sakes, sushis and more. Of note is our sushi-grade fish (including salmon and tune) and seafood that you can buy at any of our fresh fish counters.

Below you can see a list of our store locations:

Atari-Ya/Finchley shop
アタリヤ フィンチリー店

With a specialist fresh fish counter our original store caters for sashimi and sushi dishes. We stock a wide range of high quality Japanese foodstuffs.
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595 High Road, N12 0DY  Telephone: 020 8446 6669

Atari-Ya/West Acton shop
アタリヤ アクトン店

Expertly prepared our fresh fish counter caters for sashimi and sushi dishes offering some of the best tuna available. We stock a wide range of high quality Japanese foodstuffs including Japanese confectionery, chocolates and sweets.
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7 Station Parade, W3 0DS  Telephone: 020 8896 1552

Atari-Ya/Golders Green shop
アタリヤ ゴールダーズ・グリーン店

Our Golders Green store specialises in sashimi and sushi to takeaway or enjoy at our sushi bar. We stock a wide range of high quality Japanese foodstuffs including Sake, gins, and green tea. All of these authentic Japanese products make for great gifts.
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15-16 Monkville Parade, NW11 0AL  Telephone: 020 8458 7626

Atari-Ya/Kingston shop
アタリヤ キングストン店

With a wide range of high quality Japanese foodstuffs, Saké and a fresh fish counter our customers can also take advantage of our “sushi-to-go” service.
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44 Coombe Road, Kington-upon-Thames, KT2 7AF   Telephone: 020 8547 9891

Atari-Ya/Swiss Cottage shop
アタリヤ スイスコテージ店

We stock a wide range of authentic Japanese ingredients for popular dishes such as sushi, ramen and katsu curry. Our selections also include sliced meat, noodles, Japanese snacks, Japanese Beer and a range of sake. If you are looking for a hard-to-find ingredient for a Japanese recipe just ask one of our friendly staff for help.
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75 Fairfax Road, London NW6 4EE   Telephone: 020 7328 5338