Atari-Ya Wholesales suppliers of fish and Japanese foodstuffs


T&S Enterprises (London) Ltd fresh and frozen fish

Handling only the highest quality fish and seafood from around the world we are proud to supply our products to some of the finest fish restaurants and retail outlets in London and beyond. At our processing factory in North London our quality products are expertly processed and delivered with our customers schedules in mind. For more information about T&S Enterprises please visit our company website » or telephone our sales team on +44(0)20 8900 1400

Atariya-Foods-Netherlands-B.V.Atariya Foods Netherlands B.V. Japanese food, beverages and non-food

Atariya Foods Netherlands B.V. supply to over 100 of the finest Japanese restaurants and retail outlets in the Netherlands. Our friendly office staff and professional delivery service provides a highly reliable solution for your needs.After more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we became part of JAPAN FOOD & LIQUOR ALLIANCE Inc. and changed our name from Showa Boeki Europe B.V. to Atariya Foods Netherlands B.V. For more information about ATARIYA FOODS NETHERLANDS B.V. please visit our company website » or call us on+31(0)252-687-936